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I have moved!

2010-12-11 18:23:11 by mariofan220

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say that I have moved to another account here on Newgrounds. I probably should of said this earlier, but I actually for got me password to this account. I apologize, but I hope this makes up for it.

You can see the new account here

I will try to delete the two posts I have on here, and I will be remixing them both on my new acocunt, so be on the lookout for that!

Thanks for all the support everyone!

It's finally here!!!!

2009-01-04 19:59:08 by mariofan220

I'm very sorry for taking so much time with it, but I have finally put it here on Newgrounds. This is actually the first part of a 3-part submission that I'm putting up soon, so look out for those!

Here's the link for the new song: Linus and Lucy

Linus and Lucy

For those who care.../My apologies!

2008-12-30 17:37:26 by mariofan220

First off (again, for those who care), yes, I have become a fan of the "There She is" series. As you can tell by favorites list, I have recently become addicted (yes, addicted) to the series. I've seen every episode about 5 times, and I look for new fan art every day on their website. (For all those fans who want to see it, click here)

And just for kicks, I'm going to explain something very clear to everyone: "There She is" is NOT Japanese/Anime. It's a Korean type style of animation called manhwa (go look it up for those who care). I know I'm kinda making a big deal out of it, but I'm sick and tired of people giving the series bad reviews because they THINK it's anime.


Now for the thing that really matters: My latest audio submission.

I am SOOOOOO sorry everyone! I've had so many things over the past month, it's not even funny (i.e. piles of homework given right before Christmas, relatives I HAVE to be nice to, etc.). you get the point...

Anyway, As a repayment, I will have my next audio submission in AT LEAST by the end of the week.

Again, I am very sorry, and I hope everyone out there had an awesome Christmas this year!

New Song?

2008-11-22 20:35:51 by mariofan220

I know I've been away from the audio for a while, but I'm coming up with a new idea. Well, more of just another remake. I saw that some people thought my ragtime wasn't good enough, so I'll try again.

The new song should be out in possibly a few weeks!

Maple Leaf Rag Rmix

2008-10-12 14:08:48 by mariofan220

After many weeks, I have finally figured out how to make a submission. Like I said, it was a remix of the Maple Leaf Rag, and now it's here! Got scared because it took so long for it to com through...

Anyway, enjoy and VOTE 5! /178338

Working Hard...

2008-09-15 20:30:25 by mariofan220

Got a new Audio Submission coming in soon. Gonna be a remix of Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag. May take a little while, but it's coming soon. Probably sometime next week. Who knows?...

Flash Help

2008-03-22 10:59:04 by mariofan220

Listen, I'm new to the whole flash stuff, but I've always wanted to make a flash. I've had this idea for a while now, but now I need to make it a reality. So, if anyone can help me with this, I could really use it. If you want to help, PM and tell me what you can do. Thanx!